The Columbia Center is the tallest skyscraper in the downtown Seattle skyline, and in the State of Washington. It occupies most of the street block bounded by Fourth and Fifth Avenues and Cherry and Columbia Streets. Our client wishes to make a digital photo gallery for the Columbia Tower Observation Deck. The goal is to engage visitors with a website that shows a series of high quality images. Many people do not know that the Columbia Center has an observation deck.

The current website did not have a gallery and therefore I did not know what the suitable location was for such a gallery. Also, to enhance the quality of the gallery, it was necessary to take the photos myself on the observation deck. The actual development took a lot of time due to some issues.

This gallery will utilize thumb images as tiles and as we select one tile to see the larger image, the title and a brief description of the photo will be displayed so as to allow visitors to see the beautiful city of Seattle.

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