I had the great opportunity to work as an Interaction Designer for Treemo Labs. Aside from the client-based projects, Treemo Labs is developing an application for the iPad called the Flowboard. I heavily participated in the Flowboard project and its inner projects.

OSX App of Flowboard
The goal was to allow the use of Flowboard in an iMac or the Macbook. In order to smoothen the transition for the current mobile users of Flowboard, I worked as a UX designer from the beginning to the final mock up to apply these features and design in the OSX app.

Web Design
The last project I worked on while working with Treemo Labs was the complete redesign of the Flowboard website. The previous website had a very dark tone and required a major redesign. Since I began this work towards the end of my internship, I was only able to do the mock up and I feel at a loss for not getting the opportunity to pass on my ideas to the developers.

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