Black Book (Handbook for Developer)

June, 2014 | Microsoft, Design Handbook

When I joined the Quality Experience and Design team at Microsoft, my first project was to create a book that would introduce the simple design guidelines for Windows 8. Before this project, the Windows 8 design manual at the time was a hard-to-understand 300 page long pdf that made finding the main features and general guides impossible.

As a designer, it was a challenge to make a simple and informative content layout guide for the Windows design. I was also working to leave a better impression on our visual design for our future clients. The project I worked on helped our partners with no Windows platform experience to better understand and gain interest in developing with our platform.

Rick Barraza was director of this project, and Joyce Kim was assistant to increase quality of contents.

Series Concept: Rick Barraza
Series Editors: Joyce Kim
Series Designer: Jeeyoung Jung

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